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Small to Medium sized merchants looking to accept credit cards are used to paying hundreds of dollars for credit card terminals or software. That was then and this is now.

Credit Card Processing Services is excited to offer your business the SLIM CD processing solution for free! This is not some basic stripped down version, but rather the most sophisticated yet easiest to use credit card processing software that we offer.

The SLIM (Secure Link Internet Merchant Services) software is perfect for most all types of businesses including retail stores, e-Commerce, home based business, and service industries. Useful features specific to your type of business are incorporated within the software. Then by logging on to a secure web site with your user name and password you will be able to view and chart months of your transaction history.

How does it work?

Once Credit Card Processing Services sets up your merchant account on the Vital (VisaNet) processing network we will send you the SLIM CD absolutely free. In less than 15 minutes you will simply load the CD onto your personal computer, fill in your merchant information in the setup screens with the information we provide to you, and connect to the Internet. You are now ready to process your first transaction! Total support is always available via a toll-free number.

Industry Specific Features

I own a Retail Store

Turn your PC into a full-featured point of sale terminal. Add a USB or keyboard interfaced magnetic stripe reader ($159) by simply plugging it into your computer. In order to print the customer receipts you can either use your existing laser, dot matrix, or ink-jet desktop computer printer or add an Ingenico Scribe receipt printer ($229) to your computer’s parallel port. Accepting online debit is a snap when you add an encrypted Verifone 1000 PINpad ($159). Another free option is the ability for your store to use the signature capture feature by simply adding a signature capture pad and then view and print the sales receipt with the signature from a secure web site. With your computer logged on to the Internet you can expect transaction times of less than 3 seconds. Your printer will automatically print two receipts with the required truncation as required by law.




I have a Home-Based Business or I am an on the road Service Professional

When you are out in the field you will want to use a manual imprinter ($35) to imprint the customer’s credit card and have them sign the manual sales slip. Then when you return home or to the office you will simply click on the SLIM CD icon on your computer’s desktop, bring up the virtual terminal, enter the credit card sale info, and push submit. In a few seconds the sale is approved and your regular computer printer will print a receipt for your records. You can also accept orders through the mail, over the phone, or via fax and manually key sales in the same manner as above. Of course your program will include all of the required features including AVS, CVV2, and level 2 business card fields.

I want to sell my products on the Internet

Great! Your free SLIM CD has every feature you will need to sell your products on the web. First, two free shopping cart options are built into the program for you to choose from. For small merchants EasyCart is a simple shopping cart that you can configure with your own products. For a large catalogue of merchandise we recommend the more sophisticated premium Enterprise Edition cart where you can create buttons that place items in the shopping cart. Both carts run on the SLIM CD server. You will enjoy all of the required features including AVS, CVV2, fraud monitoring and detection, triple DES SSL encryption, level 2 support for purchasing/business cards and much more. You will have access to meaningful online reports in real-time. Whenever you need to perform a transaction manually you will always have access to your virtual terminal.

To learn more about this program please click on the buttons to the left that will help answer some of the questions you might have at this time. Then please feel free to contact Kevin via email or by calling me directly at 215-489-7878.

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